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Title of Art: Atlantis Beanery
Artist: [personal profile] chibifukurou
Rating: G
Warnings: No Mandatory Warnings Apply

Title of Fic: Atlantis Beanery
Author: [personal profile] jujitsuelfPairing(s): (if the fic's Gen, you can leave this header out or put Gen)
Warnings: (select from the following as appropriate) No mandatory warnings apply, non-con, dub-con, minors (under 18) in sexual situations, suicide, death of a major character.
Summary:It was a beautiful day out. The morning light was clear and crisp and beckoned Rodney outside with tempting fingers which slanted onto the floor of the shop. From his position behind the counter he could just see a portion of perfect blue sky, not a single cloud daring to mar it...
Author's Note: Thank you to Cougar's_Catnip and Peaceful_Sands for the beta work, as ever, it's hugely appreciated!

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Title: Science Sisters
Artist: chibifukurou
Author: welfycat
Word Count: Unknown
Rating: PG
Summary: Toni Stark and Briana Banner meet as Science Camp.
Warnings: Genderswapping, Possibly Additional
Artist's Note: A huge thank you to welfycat for taking my piece of art and running with it!

Link to story: Upcoming

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Title: Les Étrangers
Author: [ profile] gamma_x_orionis
Artist: [ profile] chibifukurou
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 10,000
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Rodolphus Lestrange/Rabastan Lestrange
Warnings: Some sexual content (masturbation), incest
Summary: For Purebloods, sex is a means to marriage, and marriage a means to children, and any other desires are nothing more than impure. As much as Rabastan Lestrange knows this, when his parents and brother start to speak of marriage, he can't help but be angry at his brother's fiancée for taking him away...

Les Etrangers by Gamma Orionis

Link to fic master post: Les Etrangers
Link to art master post: Les Etrangers

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Title:  Waiting For Duke Nukem Forever
Author: [ profile] kisforkurama
Artist: [ profile] chibifukurou
Fandom: Bandom; My Chemical Romance
Word Count: 10,130
Characters/Pairings: Asexual!Mikey Way/Pete Wentz
Warnings: Some sexual content, talk of bipolarity and asexuality without using any of the actual words associated.
Summary:Mikey rolls his eyes, "Like kinky shit, you know? Some people are into getting tied up, some people are into crossdressing, some people are into sex. I'm not that into sex. I'm into sex like some girls are into pink fuzzy handcuffs."

Link to fic master post: LJ | DW
Link to art master post: I <3 U
Link to fanmix master post: Sex is Boring. But You're Not

Fuzzy Pink Handcuffs

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Art Prompt Title: I Luv U Lots
Art link: Art Master Post
Artist: [ profile] chibifukurou

First Claim
Fic Title: Chasing the Great White Whale
Author: [ profile] immoral_crow
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: Pg-13
Word Count: 4,200
Warnings: A sad lack of tentacle sex. I tried? I really did…

Summary: Arthur had to learn to forge some time. A story of stubbornness, a relationship Arthur hadn't noticed he was in, pirates, mermaids, and sperm whales. Now with 150% extra dubious jokes.

Second Claim
Fic Title: Every Little Thing
Author: [ profile] still_ciircee
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: Pg
Word Count: 7,200

Summary: Arthur is a giant purple squid-monster (with great hair) and Eames really couldn't care less. Because he is Arthur.

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Title: Truth Serum
Author: [ profile] xxxholiclover
Artist: [ profile] chibifukurou
Fandoms: 3rd Rock from the Sun/Inception
Word Count: 15,000+
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own  nothing involving Inception or 3rd Rock or the images I used in this Manip. This is not an authorized piece of fanworks and is made for entertainment purposes only. No money was received by making or posting this image online.
Characters/Pairings: Eames/Arthur(aka Tommy)
Warnings non-graphic tortures; use of truth serum
Summary: Arthur hadn't expected to be dosed with a truth serum on a routine extraction, but that's what happened.
Now Eames, Ariadne and Arthur have to deal with all of Arthur's little secrets, namely the one about him being an alien.
Just another day in the office, not.

Upcoming link to Fic Masterpost
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Master Post at: [community profile] sgareversebang
Art Title:
Save the Whales
Artist: [personal profile] chibifukurou
Notes: A huge thank you to[personal profile] kay_greatnessfor putting so much work into this challenge and keeping in touch through-out.

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Title: Rodney McKay, Orca Friend
Author: [personal profile] kay_greatness 
Characters/Pairings: McShep
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/spoilers: Just to be safe, maybe man on whale? Nothing explicit when a whale.
Word Count: Around 21,000.
Summary: John the Orca decides to follow Rodney his trainer home one day and through magic, he can.
Notes: After seeing [personal profile] chibifukurou's picture, I thought it was too cute for love to conquer all, even with John as a whale and Rodney as a real boy. Unfortunately, I don't know much about orcas (though I did try to get Google's help) so my apologies for splotchy parts to all those who know far more about them!
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Art Title: If I Was A Superhero I Would Break Free
Fic Title:
Artist:[ profile] chibifukurou
Author: [ profile] faithburke
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Fandom: Batman Beyond AU
Word Count: 15,000+
Warnings: Canonical Character Death
Disclaimer: I do not have any claim on any canon information or characters used. These pieces were created for the purpose of entertainment.

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Link To Fic: Forthcoming

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A Calvin & Hobbes style drawing for the Reverse Big Bang.
- - -
Title: How Come We Play War And Not Peace?
Artist:[ profile] chibifukurou
Author: faithwithoutreason
Rating (both art/fic): PG-13
Universe: AU
Word Count: 5,690
Warnings: Kidnapping

Art Thumbnail:
Fic Summary: 
Link to Art: Art Master Post
Link to Fic: upcoming

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Master Post at: [ profile] thebigbangjob
Art Prompt Title:
 The Kittens
Art link: Link
Artist: [ profile] chibifukurou
Notes: A huge thank you to [ profile] crescent_gaia for putting so much work into this challenge and keeping in touch through-out.

Title: The Kittens
Author: [ profile] crescent_gaia
Characters/Pairings: Hardison/Parker
Rating: PG
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Warnings/spoilers: involuntary shape changing
Word Count: 10,036
Summary: The kids get turned into kittens when they're stealing something from Walter's lab.
Link(s) to fic: Link
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Created by: [ profile] chibifukurou
Artist notes: A big THANK YOU to [ profile] littlblackghost for taking my art and running with it. The story is AWESOME. Go read it!!!

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Title: Small Talk, Big Thoughts
Author: [ profile] littlblackghost
Bands (and/or pairings): My Chemical Romance; Frank/Gerard
Rating: NC17
Word count: 18, 487
Warnings: Major character death (but it's not permanent), sexual situations, angst, swearing, androids, futuristic themes, android sex
Disclaimer: I'm a liar and I own nothing.
Summary: Frank was five when he found Gerard. The little white haired boy was cowering behind the rose bush in Frank's nonna's backyard. His clothes were dirty and tattered, and his little arms were shaking, wrapped around his knees, pulled up to his chest.
Author notes: A huge thank you to [ profile] x_dark_siren_x and [ profile] jokerindisguise for all the beta-ing and reading over you did for me. Honestly, if it weren't for you girls I would never have got this completed. You are my complete stars and I love you. Also, many thanks to [ profile] x_dark_siren_x for the coffee!writing dates and the bandom talk :)
And of course, a huge thank you to [ profile] chibifukurou for drawing such amazing art that inspired my crazed little mind into writing this :) I loved it so much, and I hope I did okay!

Part One | Part Two | Part Three
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created by: [ profile] chibifukurou
artist notes: A big thank you to [ profile] art_brutal for taking on the challenge of my rather unusal art, and making an awesome story.
Title: Like a Fish Out of Water (You Drown in the Air)
Bands (and/or pairings): bandom (edging towards Gerard Way / Frank Iero, also including Bob Bryar, Mikey Way, Grant Morrison, Bert McCracken, OMC)
Rating: R (for swearing and recreational use of drugs/alcohol)
Word count: 5627
Warnings: recreational drug/alcohol use, overdose (non-fatal)
Summary: Gerard's a washed-up comics writer more in thrall to the party circuit than creating art. It's going to take something or someone extraordinary to turn him around.
Disclaimer: A work of complete fiction.

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A Big Thank you to [ profile] mari_mac1109 for picking up my story last minute. I'm going out of town in about an hour and a half so I won't be able to link the story to this post. If you're interested in reading it, go to the [ profile] who_reversebang. Mari_Mac unfortunately got sick and won't be able to write a story. I hope you get better Mari and thanks for trying so hard, despite everything that went wrong.

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Title: Through the Years
Author: [ profile] happilyappled
Artist: [ profile] chibifukurou
Fandom: My Chemical Romance AU
Word Count: 10,000
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own  nothing involving My Chem or the images I used in this Manip. This is not an authorized piece of fanworks and is made for entertainment purposes only. No money was received by making or posting this image online.
Characters/Pairings: Gerard/Frank
Warnings character death, mild angst, heart diseases; mentions Vietnam but not in detail;
Summary: Frank and Gerard started as friends, then became lovers and, through these years, they've known each other like no one else. In the end, there will be much more than love between them. However, only one of them will live long enough to realize that.
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Title: Off To Burger Heaven
Rating of Art: G
Rating of Fic: PG-13
Fandom: SPN
Pairing: Lucifer/Castiel domestic fic
Summary: God turned Lucifer into a human at the end of Apocalypse. Cas does his best to help him to settle into his new found humanity. With cats, books, and the occasional trip to Burger Heaven
Warnings: None that I can think of
Link to Fic Masterpost: Here

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Title: The dead girl, Crush and the other guy
Rating: PG_13
Genre: urban fantasy
Pairings: het and slash, but mostly gen
Warnings: violence, magic
Current Word Count: 20.474
Author: [ profile] creepylicious
Artist: [ profile] chibifukurou
Beta: I have one
Summary: This story's about a girl that wakes up dead and figures she's now a zombie, by ruling out all the other undead creatures, Crush - who is sharing his body with a demon since birth and Alec who had no idea his crazy witch-grandmother would be of some help with his love-life - but the last part is up for discussion anyway. Also about heart-jars – how they are made and what you can use them for.
“So, I have this thing,” Alec says out of the blue not looking at Crush.
“A thing? Like a sexual crisis thing?” he asks stealing a french fry from Alec's plate.
“No, more like a heart in a jar thing,” Alec answers, trying to sound nonchalantly but failing.
“A heart in a jar?”
“Yes, or that's what my grandmother says it is. A heart in a jar. She has no idea what it's for, but I think you might know,” Alec says and he does look at Crush then.
“Yes, you because you have some of them as well.”
“Were you looking through my stuff?” he asks, taking another fry from Alec's plate.
“I stumbled upon them. They aren't exactly hidden, you know.”
“They are in my bedroom.”
“I was curious how it looks like?”
“You wanted to check out how good my bed is?” Crush asks, stealing another fry, he should have get some himself.
Alec smacks his fingers lightly. “I didn't want to check out how good your bed it.” He rolls his eyes again. “And stop deflecting.”
“I'm not. I think you checking out my bedroom is a thing we should talk about in length.”
“You would.” Alec shoves the plate over the table and takes a sip of his soda.

Notes: There is cross-dressing, but it's not a thing - not in a sexual way. Alec is dark-skinned in my head, but it's not really mentioned explicitly. Dialogue heavy, I guess. People talk a lot in my world.
I would love a picture of the heart-jar...
Copyright Notice: My literary property.

Art ) | Story
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A BIG!!! Apology to [ profile] soulascending . I was supposed to have this up on Wednesday but I managed to get a stomach bug earlier this week and finally felt better today(or rather Thursday since it just became Friday in my neck of the woods) Sorry this is almost two days late.
- - - -

Title:  Packing Explosives in a Suitcase
Author: [ profile] soulascending  
Artist: [ profile] chibifukurou 
Crossover: Power Rangers RPM/Danger Days conceptual universe (based on the album/videos by My Chemical Romance)
Disclaimer: All reference images used are the property of their respective owners. These images are mine, but are created for entertainment purposes I am not receiving money for their creation or distribution.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 15,000+
Characters/Pairing(s): Scott Truman, Flynn McAllistair, Doctor K, Tenaya, Doctor Death Defying, Show Pony, Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid, plus Dillon/Ziggy Grover and Summer Landsdown/Jet Star
Warnings: Violence, character abduction, blood and some strong language, plus mentions of brainwashing and forced drug use.
Spoilers:  Begins after the last episode of RPM, and leads into the Danger Days universe before the events of Na Na Na/SING.
Summary: Dillon, Summer and Tenaya leave Corinth to explore and help aid the recovery of the world. They find themselves on the West Coast in California, where they meet the Fabulous Killjoys, and learn of the evil Better Living Industries, running an oppressive dictatorship over the brainwashed citizens of Battery City.

Meanwhile, Ziggy and Flynn leave Corinth on a mission to find and help Dillon and the others, and quickly find themselves equally wrapped up in the fight against Better Living Industries. Following shortly after them, Doctor K enlists Scott's help to chase her wayward Rangers down. In the end, the Killjoys and the Rangers will have to join forces and invade Battery City to rescue some of their own.

Story Masterpost | Ao3 [I'll update the links once everything gets sorted out]
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Title: The Consummate Companion
Author: [ profile] emmademarais  
Artist: [ profile] chibifukurou 
Crossover: White Collar/Firefly/His Dark Material
Disclaimer: All images used are the property of their respective owners. These manips are made for entertainment purposes and no copyright infringement is intended.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 15,000+
Characters/Pairing(s): Neal/Elizabeth/Peter, Neal/Alex, Neal/Kate/Vincent, June/Byron, Mozzie, Diana, Clinton, Reese, OCs
Warnings: Sexual context (non-graphic), violence, trauma, minor character deaths (non-graphic)
Summary: Neal Caffrey is a Companion, whose job is to be a geisha-like partner to his long-term clients. Along with his animal daemon (soul manifestation) Keaira he'd spent his whole time after graduation as a Companion to the rich and powerful Vincent Adler along with fellow new Companion, Kate Moreau and her daemon Solomon. After Vincent disappeared and Kate died, Neal took time off before returning to the Companion Guild for a new assignment. Neal's new assignment is a working couple: Elizabeth and Peter Burke. Peter is a high level investigator with the Alliance Police and Elizabeth runs an event planning business. The three settle down happily together with Neal escorting Elizabeth to society parties and bringing dinner to Peter at his office when he works late. Despite his past grief and loss, Neal comes to adore his new family and finds solace in their affection.

Unfortunately Neal's old life rears its ugly head and threatens to ruin all that he's built up with the Burkes. Neal stands to lose everything: his beloved humans, their beloved daemons and even his own life.

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Artist: [ profile] chibifukurou
Art link: Art Master Post

Fic Title: Found
Author: [ profile] themistoklis
Genre: Science Fiction
Character(s): Samantha, Lucy, Side: Brandon
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,772
Warnings: Mentions of sexual pressure within a relationship, mentions of death, mild cursing, disbelief/rejection of asexuality.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] politicette for the beta

Summary: Since the outbreak, people don't get to make as many mistakes. Samantha tells her boyfriend about her asexuality and gets kicked out of camp. Lucy's not a friend, but she's not going to let Samantha go off alone.

Fic Title: In Your Head
Author: [ profile] urania_calliope
Beta Reader: [ profile] yukinoomoni
Genre: Post-Apocaylptic
Pairing(s): Gen;
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,200
Warnings: Descriptions of wounds and zombies
Summary: It's the end of the world and zombie's rule. What's left for the Wanderers of Forever to Do?

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