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 First off, many virtual hugs and kisses for offering to write in these fandoms. 

If you are interested in participating please check out the info for the exchange here 

My hard limits are rape/non-con and gaslighting. Everything else is up to your imagination.

Gravity Falls

Dipper & Mabel Pine

Mabel and Dipper awesome siblings, with awesome special interests. I'd love anything about how these two support each other and help each other cope in different situations. Are all Mabels sweaters for sensory reasons? And does Dipper have weights hidden inside his apparently fluffy vest. Why did their parents decide to send them to Grunkle Stan for the entire summer, with no apparent contact? 

Did Dipper always have a special interest in the supernatural or did the Journal start a new obsession? So many questions and any more you can think of. I just want to know more about how the twins experience the world.


Asuka and Hiromi Masamune

I really headcanon both Asuka and his Dad as autistic. They both have their special interests and Hiromi is virtually non-verbal. 

I'd love to see something about their relating to each other. Shared special interests in baking. And more about how Asuka's Mom learned to accept both of their autistic traits.

I'd also love to see anything you might want to do with Hiromi's feelings of Gender fluidity. Honestly anything set during or after the series will be awesome. This is one of my favorite stories and there are so few fics for it much less ones dealing with autistic headcanon.


Parker, Eliot, Hardison

Parker's special interest is definitely stealing. Her descriptions of air ducts lead me to believe that they are one of her favorite sensory spots. How do her boys help her center and relax? I'd love something with all three of them being on the spectrum and helping each other out, but whatever you want to do will be awesome!

Harry Potter

Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom

I love these two crazy kids and while they didn't have a lot of time together in the books, I'd like to see how they related to each other. Alternatively character studies on either of them would also be awesome. How is magic effected by sensory issues? Are there really magical creatures that only people like Luna can see, or is that an explanation for something else going on? Does that magical world even have a concept of the spectrum? And if they do how is it different from our own?

Thanks again for offering to write for this challenge. I look forward to reading whatever story you create!
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