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I totally blame the prompters over at [ profile] comment_fic for this, particularly [ profile] modestroad

This is unbetad so if you see anything wrong please leave a comment and let me know what you find. Be assured that I will thank you profusely.

Title: Fear the Black
Fandom: Xmen/Serenity
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for Serenity
Summary: They live on the Xavier safe from the Alliance but not the black. The black is slowly killing them and Scott is willing to do anything to make sure that doesn't happen.

Scott doesn’t like the black. He knows that most of the others find in restful so he doesn’t mention it. He knows that half the people aboard the Xavier probably know anyway. How could they not when they are all at least mildly telepathic and his feelings about the black came all the way from his lizard brain where there was little to be misinterpreted as far as mind reading went.

He know that a lot of the others can’t understand why he fears a place where they aren’t hunted or persecuted by the alliance but some of the others understand. He supposes it all has to do with peoples powers and the affect those powers could have on the ship and its passengers .  If he lost his glasses that will be it. Their ship will explode unable to take what equates to a mini bazooka going off inside its hull. The other mutants with powers that could kill them or their entire crew while they were in the black seemed to be the ones who understood his fear the most

Remy’s powers are similarly problematic Scot knows that back when he was young he lost control of his kinetic charge and destroyed a building killing at least fifty people such an event in the close corners of a ship and nobody would know what hit them. At first he’d worried that Remy wouldn’t realized the danger but after only a few days watching Remy it was obvious to Scott that he did. Usually he would have to pry Remy’s cards from his cold dead hands  to get him to stop fiddling with them but from the moment they came aboard the Xavier to the moment they disembarked Remy’s cards disappeared from sight.

While that gave Scott some comfort the nervous way that Remy acted when he couldn’t touch his cards was worrying. As far as he can tell Logan is the only other one to realize this fact and together they do their best to protect the young card shark from an increase in powers that might trigger an uncontrolled power burst. It would have been simpler to get him a suppression collar but like Scott himself Remy’s powers were simply to volatile. They might be able to lock them away but if they did the powers would burn Remy’s body to a crisp from the inside.

Kitty was less dangerous to the to the ship than Scott or Remy but she had to fear death by aspiration every moment she was onboard the Xavier. A ship was only so much protection for someone who could slip through solid matter like it was air. It had taken him longer to figure out a way to protect her than it had Remy but protect her he did. He’d asked around and Remy had helped him find a jeweler that could make a power repression collar that looked like jewelry. After she started using the collar and he’d made an official request that she not use her powers aboard because of some bullshit excuse about messing up the ship’s wiring she’d gotten better and now she acted almost normally while aboard.

Both Beast and Wolverine had the unfortunate experience of trying to control their feral sides when forced to indure the constant company of almost a hundred mutants stuffed like sardines into the tin can of the Xavier’s hull. They did marvelously but both of them needed the downtime on deserted planets that he made sure to schedule at least once a month. They never discussed it but he know that they are grateful for the relief and he is grateful for the fact that neither of them have gone feral and attacked the rest of their merry bunch but they all know that it’s only a matter of time.

No matter what the rest of the Xavier’s crew think he knows they can’t keep on like this. Hiding in the black might save them from the Alliance but it’s killing them slowly. He’s not going to let that happen. He is the Captain of the Xavier and he’s going to do what is best for his people even if he has to make sacrifices to do so.

They’d all seen the transmitions that ran on the Cortex. Everyone knew that the Alliance had screwed up and created a dead world. It was heartbreaking but he was a pragmatic soul he knows that the outrage will peter out and once the Alliance doesn’t have to watch their step to keep the people happy they’ll start hunting out the undesirables like mutants with renewed vigor. In hopes of keeping all their other secrets safely swept under the rug.

He’s estimating that they have a few months before that happens and he’s planning to use those months to his advantage. He has already started storing extra rations and supplies in Xavier’s belly and has recently made a deal on farm equipment. Nobody but Remy, Beast, and Wolverine have figured out that he’s up to something but that’s going to change soon.

That transmission about Miranda had given him the answer to the dilemma of how they could live on a planet without being killed. They didn’t have the money or connections to terraform one for themselves which meant finding one that nobody was using. Miranda was the answer to his prayers. It was a fully functioning world now that the Paxilon had been cleared from the atmosphere and nobody went there thanks to the Reavers.

He knows that some of the others are going to leave, strike out on their own rather than go along with his plan but he’s sure of his decision. Most of the members of Xavier’s crew would come with him and together they would turn Miranda into a home and safe haven for mutants. The once desolate world would become a place where his family and any mutants that chose to come with them could thrive and survive away from the Alliance’s tyranny and fear.

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