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[ profile] kristories wrote me this hilarious drabble and I couldn't resist doing a quick drawing for it.

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I did this piece for an art trade with [ profile] birddi . They are her OC's Dog and Unnamed.

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[ profile] birddi 's OC Dog. Done for the free chibi giveaway I'm holding at my DA .

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Jonne from the Finnish Rock Band Negative. Done for [profile] morgana_avalon  's lovely Sweet and Deceitful Series.

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This is for a Zombie Comment Fic  and is for [ profile] crowgirl13 's prompt.

The request for Parker-Centric piece where she was repelling Zombies with Chainsaws. This is my interpretation.

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The three main characters from one of my favorite series by one of my favorite authors,[ profile] bjjones .

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[ profile] sylum_river_tam wrote a most amusing challenge fic for which I drew this drawing.
and here it is in icon size.

for dark backgrounds and for light backgrounds

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This is from one of my favorite scenes in the new Batman movie, Dark Knight.

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I did a pic of Deidara from Naruto for [ profile] kantayra 's fic Flesh and Blood. I don't usually read Naruto fics but after I read all her Smallville fics I tried this one and it was so good I couldn't put it down.

See pic... )

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I did this piece for [ profile] friendshipper 's lovely Old soldiers Die Hard. Its of an old Rodney and John.

See Pic... )

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Here is the last of the Christmas pic's for my LJ friends.
This one is of JD from [ profile] synecdochic 's Broken Wing's Universe.


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