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Hello dear yuletide writer. Thank you for becoming a part of my big Christmas Tradition!

Firstly thank you so much for writing a Yuletide gift for me. This is such a huge part of my yearly Holiday Traditions.

Below are listed some of Do Not Wants and some of my warm and fuzzies. Obviously you can take all of these with a grain of salt. I'm just going to ask that if you include one of the DNWs that you please tag for it. Thank you again for everything you are giving me by signing up for this challenge.

Do Not Wants: no rape/onscreen child abuse/imprisonment/gaslighting

Warm and Fuzzies: families of convenience/platonic life partners/domestic fluffy pieces of all kinds

I put any bonusy stuff in parens so feel free to ignore them completely unless they jive with the story you want to write: 

American Ultra (2015)
Phoebe Larson (American Ultra) Mike Howell (American Ultra)

(This ship/Fandom is my one exception to the no gaslighting request above. If you decide to write pre-canon there is obviously going to be some gaslighting going on. But please try not to include it in any post-canon fics)

One of my favorite movies. I just love how they are both effed up and trying to do their best anyway. I'd love something post movie, with them finding a way to leave the CIA for good. Or something pre-canon while they were living together and what it was like for Phoebe to know what was going on and still having to hide it from Mike to keep him alive. If you want something non-shippy character studies of either of these characters would be great. Or anything about Apollo Ape

Masamune Asuka Tachibana Juta Miyakozuka Ryo

This series stays on my Yuletide list every year. There isn't much I can say about this series except that I love if whole-heartedly and regularly re-read it when I am having a bad day and want to read about friendship and fluffy, sweet things conquering all. I love these three idiots friendship more than even Ryo and Asuka's romance. So something non-shippy would be great. Either during the series or set sometime between the main series and the Epilogue Or if you are willing to go a little shippy I'd love something about Ryo and Asuka convincing Juta that he's as much a part of their relationship as they are. Not necessarily in the sex way, but in the everybody lives together and Juta helps raise the babies, because he doesn't trust two single children to know how to do it right. And eventually he is basically staying on the couch every night and has taken over the spare bedroom with his drawing supplies. And he's about 20 chapters into a new Manga series about babies. (Bonus: I'd love to see Asuka and Juta both play with gender a little more than they got to in the series. Does Asuka like to share girl nights with his dad? Does Juta become Jewel for anything but publicity? Are there parts of being her that he loves?Also I really head-canon Juta as Asexual and Bi-romantic.)

Gods Of Egypt (2016)
Horus (Gods of Egypt) Bek (Gods of Egypt)

Sooo much chemistry between these two. I would love something shippy if you can make it clear that they have a understanding with their respective spouses. This is one of my only fandoms where I have any particular interest in smut. So if you are interested in smut (Bonus: The size difference just does it for me. Give me all the intercrural sex, frottage, and handjobs. I'm really not much for penetrative sex, so take that where you will.) For non shippy/smutty I'd love the two of them running off on adventures together, bickering all the while.

The Nice Guys (2016)
Holland March Jackson Healy Holly March (The Nice Guys)

I want a family of convenience fic for this so bad. I just want Healy to adopt the March's. Throughout the movie you can practically feel his disbelief at all the stupid shit Holland gets up to. I want him getting fed up with all the ridiculousness and teaming up with Holly to drag Holland out of the bottle and back into some kind of equilibrium. Cooking actual food Holland, not that diner crap every night. And basically bullying Holland into taking cases without swindling anybody. Until one day the two of them realize they are co-parenting and sharing a business, and how did they effing come to this? If they decide to take things in a shippy direction I wouldn't mind it but I really love fluffy domesticy fics

The Martian (2015)

Mark Watney (The Martian 2015) Chris Beck (The Martian 2015) Beth Johanssen (The Martian 2015)

Touch starved Mark Watney and Recovery fic! Whether you want that to be on the Hermes or back on Earth I do not care. I ship these guys and also love them as friends who are awesome and let you cuddle up between them because you have literally not touched anybody for over a year. So I will love anything shippy or not. (Bonus: I'd love to see Mark dealing with Mars related PTSD and working through everything with the other's help if that is something that you would be interested in writing)

The Rest Of Us Just Live Here - Patrick Ness
Jared Shurin Mikey Mitchell

Okay, I know this book is all "Mikey really isn't gay" but screw that. I want the two of them going off to college together and figuring out that Mikey is Bi after all and they are basically in a realationship already. And being those weird college kids who have an apartment off campus after Freshmen year and adopting like sixty cats and Mikey being able to get free of his families orbit and starting to find some kind of healing with Jared at his side. And them making plans for how to handle Jared going off to become a God and their star-crossed relationship thing. And you know just life when you aren't the Indie-kids ( Bonus: I really hated the offer of the magical cure for Mikey's anxiety and OCD at the end of the book. I know he didn't take it, but just the offer made my skin all crawly. Please don't include mentions of it in the story if you can avoid it.)


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