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For all fandoms: My hard limits are rape/non-con & graphic on-screen. child abuse, I'm find with implied/past child abuse. As the PTSD elements in a lot the fandoms I've picked are what drew me to the stories in the first place. I just can't really handle detailed present-day abuse.

My general likes are: domesticity, Found families, Neurodiverse characters, and trans characters. And as always feel free to ignore any specific details I include in this letter if they interfere with you story.

Thank you so much for agreeing to write a fic for me. Yuletide is a big part of what makes the holiday's special for me.


Characters: Masamune Asuka; Miyakozuka Ryo; Tachibana Juta

I'd love something about the three characters after they are grown up and living happily together. I'd be happy for Poly, or for the characters to just be best friends who can't seem to go more than a day or two without seeing each other.

I love how accepting everybody in everybody else' special interests. And if you feel comfortable doing so, I would really love to see any of them written as neurodiverse.

I just want them to all have a happy and well adjusted grown up life where they see each other a little more than the epilogue implied.

Rick & Morty
Characters: Rick, Morty, and Summer

This is one of my guilty pleasure watches. They are all just so functionally dysfunctional. I'd love case-fic or family bonding. Epilogues or fix-it fics are always welcome.

If you feel up to it, what happened to summer in Rick and Morty's original universe?

Nabari No Ou

Characters: Yoite; Miharu

Alternate Timeline, Alternate Universe, Reincarnation, I just want these two to have a chance at a happily ever after. It doesn't have to be 'they all lived happily ever after' since the series isn't that kind of series, but I want something where they find their own sense of peace and are allowed to be together, even if one of them is a ghost, or they run off to hide in some village where there aren't any ninjas.

I head-canon Miharu as genderqueer and would really love to see something about Yoite's being intersex that we didn't really get to see in the anime. But really I'll love anything you write, I'm such a sucker for these two.

That being said, I'd prefer if you didn't have any steamy sex scenes, unless you aged the characters up.

Velveteen Vs.

Characters: Princess

OMG! Princess, do you know how great it is to have a trans woman be the living embodiment of all things fairytale and girly! I just want to cuddle little baby!Princess who ran away to live in an amusement park castle and was able to stand up for who she was at age eight.

I'd love anything to do with her. Relationship with Jackie, Casefic, present-day, origin story, whatever.

American Ultra

Characters: Mike and Phoebe

I just love the whole tree conversation and how Phoebe accepts and even uses Mike's weirdness to help him try and cope with the fact that he's a killer.

Anxiety attacks, and terror and Mike still manages to be a baddass. And do you know how rare it is for me to see that on the big screen? My post-movie gushing post can be found here:

Really I'd love anything with these two. Pre-movie - Post-move. Them getting a happy ending. As long as you don't magically cure Mike's PTSD related issues I'll be happy!

The Martian

Character: Mark Watney

I went with the movie fandom on this one, but I've read the book and will be happy with any amalgamation of canons that you want to go with.

Okay this is going to be my one big request this year. I try not to put pressure on people by asking for a certain headcanon, but I'm going to be selfish.: If it is something you feel comfortable with, can I please get a dyslexic Mark Watney?

He thinks around corners, and makes strange leaps of logic. And I selfishly want to claim him for my own little patch of brain weird.

If you don't feel comfortable writing a dyslexic character that is more than okay. I will love whatever you write for me. I'd love to see something set post Mark's return to the Hermes. I'd love to see how he deals with all the sensory overload and PTSD of being back among other people.
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